Language and Food


The National language of Bhutan is Dzongkha and literally Dzongkha means the language spoken in the Dzongs and administrative centers in all the districts of Bhutan. But the Dzongkha was the language spoken by the people of Western Bhutan.
Besides these, there are two major languages spoken by the people of Bhutan. They are Sharchokpa, language spoken in the eastern Bhutan and the Nepali, language spoken in the southern Bhutan. There are also as many as nineteen major dialects or languages which have survived in the country, in the isolated villages and valleys which are cut off from neighboring areas by high mountains barriers

Food and Drinks

Traditional Bhutanese food always features spicy red and green chillies, either dried or fresh. Most Bhutanese love eating spicy food. The national dish, ema datsi, a dish of ema (chilli) cooked in datsi (cheese), is a favourite among Bhutanese and a growing number of foreigners. For meat lovers, meat is easily available in most restaurants. For vegetarians, there are restaurants who serve vegetarian meals and almost all the restaurants have a vegetarian option in their menu. Liquor is easily available in bars with the exception of Tuesday (dry day). The legal drinking age is 18 years and above. If you have not tasted red rice, make sure that you ask for red rice. A bonus for Indian travelers is that Indian meals are easily available in most eating places.

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